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I’m in Japan!

That’s right! I am ! :D
The flight was so long omg. Seemed longer than last time. Couldn’t sleep this time, either, so I was so tired when we arrived at Narita airport. But I was excited at the same time, of course.
We had to change flights in Vienna. We flew with Austrian Air, and they actually served some food and refreshments on the flight from Copenhagen to Vienna! Omg! SAS would NEVER serve anything for free on such a short trip. Yay for Austrian Air!
Would have preferred Japan Airlines from Vienna to Tokyo though. The “TV” system was really sucky. All of the movies started all at once, so you had to wait for them to finish if you wanted to see it from the beginning. With Japan Airlines, you could choose any movie at any time, pause it, etc. So much better.. meh.
I only watched two movies. They were great though! I saw Rio, which is a really cute and funny film. Then I saw Just go with it, starring, among others, Jenifer Aniston, Adam Sandler and Nicole Kidman. This movie really surprised me. I caught myself laughing out loud several times - sometimes just embarrassing gigles. I think my brother thought I was an idiot, lol. It was just so funny! And I never thought I would say this, but I’m totally crushing on Adam Sandler right now. Crazy, I know! But in this movie… I don’t know, he’s just funny and sexy! lol!Anyway, had some delicious Japanese food on the plane, of course. Tried to study some Japanese, but not for very long.
When we finally arrived in Tokyo, we had to wait about 50 minutes for our airport limousine. Easiest way to go to our hotel. I fell asleep.
Our hotel is absolutely gorgeous! And it has everything! Convenient stores, 7eleven, Bowling alley, aquarium, swimming pool, shopping mall, everything! Our room is small, but surprisingly good. We’re on the 20th floor and the view is AMAZING!
Our room contains: Two single beds, a flatscreen TV, a small table and a chair, a bigger table with a chair and a mirror, a night stand with a safe between the beds… a beautiful bathroom, not big, but not small either. We were very positively surprised! :D
But before we got to see our room, we had to wait four hours before we could check-in. So, we went for a little walk, found a lot of cheap, delicious-looking restaurants, and I found a route for running in the morning. That’s right, I ain’t giving it up!
We were only out for about 40 minutes I think. Then we just sat in the lobby and tried our best not to fall asleep. I had a stomach ache, and I really just wanted to take a nap in our room.
I went to 7eleven and bought onigiri :DAt 1pm er finally got to check-in, and we hurried upstairs, laid down on the beds and slept for two hours. Mmmmm. That was nice. Then I slowly started to unpack, and Kenneth (my brother, whom I’m travelling with, btw) started to unpack as well. Then he picked up the internet router that we pre-ordered at the desk in the lobby. After that, we went for dinner at a restaurant at the other side of the street. Food was delicious ^__^
Then I bought a Suica train card, and we decided to go to Shinjuku! Kenneth showed me some gaming arcades, and we took a long walk. It was so nice ^^
Back at the hotel, Kenneth bought some ice cream at the convenient store, which we enjoyed while I calculated how much money I’d spent today.
We’re both really tired, so sleepy-time for us!

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Long time no post

It’s been a while since I posted anything here.

I have another blog that I’m trying to keep updated, so maybe that’s why.

I know my friend Campbell wants me to use tumblr instead of my other blog, ‘cause it would be easier to keep up with.

But… my other blog.. I’ve been keeping it for over a year now. I’ve finally found a layout that I like, which is pretty amazing.

So the other blog stays.

Maybe I should just copy/paste my life from the other blog to this one. That way, my few followers here won’t think I’m dead.

Something to think about. 

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I wear the same sweatshirt every day ‘cause I don’t bother finding other clothes to wear.

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I am sick. I am sick, sick, sick o’ your shit. And when I’m not sick, I am tired. I am sick and tired!!
Wanda Sykes, “Monster-in-law”